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Feel Youthful and Empowered with Botox in Salt Lake City

As Utah’s exclusive medical arts clinic, Still is here to support you on your journey to becoming a better version of yourself. Combining science and artistry, we specialize in personalized health and beauty solutions to help you conquer new heights and surpass what you think is possible.

Show us what beauty means to you, and we will provide you with tools to get there – as well as a supportive community where you can bloom.

Dr. Julie Nielsen

Still was born from the marriage of an extensive medical background and a passion for empowering others. After several years of experience as a Family Medicine Doctor and one of Utah’s first veteran injectors and trainers, Dr. Julie Nielsen’s artistic eye and aptitude for health and aesthetics came together to create one all-encompassing company.

Our Office

If you seek to become a healthier, more youthful version of yourself, our arms are open and our office is an oasis where you can start your transformation. We set up our space especially for you, showcasing an elegant atmosphere, the finest equipment, and friendly smiles so you can always feel at home.

Schedule an appointment today to see our facilities and find out what Still can do for you.


Still’s goal is to empower your health and wellness through aesthetic injections, weight loss management, intramuscular wellness injections, and community conversations about life – guided by the best in the industry.

The beauty services we provide address fine lines and wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, and crow’s feet with options such as botox injections and dermal fillers. These products are proven to reduce muscle contraction by temporarily freezing facial muscles. As a result, you see fewer forehead lines and frown lines until it’s time to touch up with additional Botox injections at your next appointment.

Botox injection in forehead


The Botox treatment we provide is Botox Cosmetic, which addresses fine lines and wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, and crow’s feet. This FDA-approved product is proven to reduce muscle contraction by temporarily freezing facial muscles.

As a result, you see fewer forehead lines and frown lines until it’s time to touch up with additional Botox injections at your next appointment. To find out if you’re a good candidate for Botox and to learn about our process, click on the button below.

Dermal Fillers

Increase facial volume with Juvederm filler at Still. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally produced by the body, but as we age production decreases.

Fillers are a non-surgical option for restoring collagen, elastin, and HA for plumpness in the face and lips. Fillers can reduce the appearance of scars and don’t affect facial expression.

Weight Loss

Still offers support for sustainable weight loss using combined B-12 and Semaglutide injections. In addition to weight loss products, you’ll receive coaching as you navigate your journey to a healthier weight. Thanks to B-12, you can enjoy the benefits of Semaglutide without the side effect of nausea.


Eliminate fat under your chin with Kybella injections. This is an FDA-approved injectable, and with carefully targeted injection sites, it can help the body destroy stored fat cells permanently.

IM injection

IM Injections

Help your body absorb the vitamins and minerals it needs with intramuscular injections from Still. Injecting vitamins directly into muscles allows for better absorption and bioavailability. Precision dosing ensures you get exactly what you need at each visit, whether it’s NAD+, Lip MIC, B-12, Tri-Amino, or Glutathione.

Collective Wellness

To help you feel beautiful on the inside, we offer Collective Wellness gatherings at Still. These recurring, community events are led by experts in varying fields of wellness, including mindfulness, mental health, family health, financial stability, and more.


Still also offers products that can help reduce the signs of sun damage and aging with powerful, nourishing ingredients including Vitamins C and E, antioxidants, ceramides, and more. SkinCeuticals and Latisse products are great complements to Botox Cosmetic, Kybella, and Juvéderm.


We believe that beauty has no strict framework, and true health surpasses the terms of traditional medicine. We recognize that these stem from a deeper source of balance and self-esteem. We approach all patients from a custom angle, treating each aspect of their beauty and wellness journey as an essential part of a whole. Still combines aesthetics, health, creativity, collaboration, and community – so your unique brand of beauty can shine through.

At Still, we’re more than just our Botox work; we’re aesthetic artists with the education, tools, and experience to help you feel beautiful from the inside out.

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